Tips - Spring Cleaning Your Home And Appliances

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How to properly clean a refrigerator

Every so often, a refrigerator needs to be cleaned from the inside out. The shelves have to be washed down from milk spills, and food must be tossed out if it has outlived its shelf life. Though it's not the most pleasant task, knowing how to do it efficiently and effectively will save you plenty of time and hassle...MORE


How to properly clean a stove

Your stove or oven hob can easily get dirty from spillages and bits of food. The stains left over can be hard to remove and sometimes require specialist cleaning sprays to help. The same tips can apply when cleaning your oven... MORE


How to properly un-frost a freezer

Below are some easy steps that you can follow to remove frost from your fridge or freezer. To permanently fix such a problem, look at the seal on the device and consider dehumidifying your home during the summer months...MORE



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Avoid appliance repairs

We rely on our household appliances to keep our food cold, our clothes and dishes clean, and our food cooked. It is very frustrating when one of the major appliances stops operating properly and we’re faced with calling an appliance repair service. Here are a few things you can do to help prevent unnecessary repairs...MORE


How to properly clean a Microwave

Splatters of food from microwaving look bad, smell bad, and decrease the

efficiency of your microwave. Fortunately, microwaves aren't hard to

clean if you know how...MORE


How to properly clean a Dishwasher

Most of us don't think about cleaning the dishwasher very often. After all, if the dishes are getting cleaner, shouldn't the dishwasher get cleaner, too? Unfortunately, debris and deposits do build up over time, and some of them reduce the performance of the dishwasher. If it's high time to clean yours...MORE



Buying new appliances is a big decision...sometimes a clean-up is all you need. Check out our cleaning tips below.

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